Am I NCAA Eligible?
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Am I NCAA Eligible?


Everybody would like to compete at the next level and according to the NCAA there are 8 Million kids playing high school sports but only 480,000 of that 8 million will compete at the next level. One of the biggest factors keeping high school athletes from competing at the next level is academics. Academics plays a vital role in college athletics and it starts as early middle school and ensuring that you’re making the grades and taking the correct classes to be eligible to compete at the next level.

AM I NCAA Eligible? Is an informational event for parents and their middle school(8th grade) and high school (9th-12th) athletes with an interest to play sports at the next level. The event is FREE and will be held in 3rd Ward Houston, TX at the Smith Neighborhood Library on March 23, 2019 at 2pm in conference room.

Those interested can register for the event at

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Girl Power 2017

On February 11th Female Athletes Rock hosted it's very first event of the year; Girl Power 2017. In an effort to empower and  inspire young female athletes Female Athletes Rock partnered with Beast Mode Throwers, Cornelius Lane,  Dr. Nakinna Young and Coach LaShonda Roberts to host an empowering, hands-on event for middle and high school female athletes. The event was held a Beast Mode Facilities in Friendswood, Tx and for 2 hours these athletes learned; self defense techniques and how to protect themselves in the event that they were put in a position which required them protect themselves and was instructed by Cornelius Lane. Dr. Nakinna Young is a Dr. of Physical Therapy and certified PiYo Instructor, she went through a PiYo flex routine too encourage strength and flexibility and to end the program the girls created vision board in an effort to inspire them and get them to practice goal setting while reminding them the importance of laying their vision out on paper so that it can manifested. 

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